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We believe that reward models are crucial to progress; responsible companies must consistently win before competitors will want to emulate their people, planet and prosperity outcomes.

But if you want to reward responsible companies, you may have a problem: if you don't know what you're looking for, they can be easy to miss.

Market forces don't work when buyers and investors can't tell the difference and don't know what to trust. It's a problem for both you and the responsible companies.

Why this matters

Your economy is stronger
and more sustainable
with healthy people, healthy natural capital, and local prosperity.
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Assessment Systems

Assessment systems are tools and services designed to help you make better buying and investment decisions.

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What success
looks like

Innovators really do find ways to elevate people, planet
and prosperity.

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Our Media Project

Our events and documentaries are designed to show how innovators are re-shaping industry practices and building stronger communities for today and tomorrow.

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