Gain perspective from the Innovators

You want resources that are useful and highly relevant to you and your stakeholders. But everyone's needs are different. So the Innovators in Sustainability Project will be curating resources and helping you retrieve them according to your interests and audiences.

Much of it will flow from our project's multi-stakeholder research, so can have confidence that you're learning from, and referring others to, content that represents a consensus of parties, not just one group's perspective.

Because we're a social enterprise – and distributing good information about how to elevate people, planet and prosperity is part of our mission – many resources will be free of charge. Check out the pods to the right.

Gain perspective - public

We will also offer tools and media content to improve public and investor literacy about how better approaches strengthen local economies. Some of this will help friends engage friends. Learn more


Gain perspective - industry

We will inform practitioners and non-practitioner business managers about what real industry-specific success looks like—positioning them for more confident decisions and better outcomes.

Please note:

We aim to generate deep insights into what works and what doesn't. For newcomers, we'll show that the solutions vary by industry sub-sector, and again by region (where water, workplace regs, and many other tensions vary).

So while this site will feature accurate information to guide you, when it comes time to proceed with your own plan, make sure to work with practitioners who invest in their continuing education.
The International Society of
Sustainability Professionals
is a good place to look.